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Pooi Ming

In an increasingly global and complex business environment, it is imperative that we map our future corporate professionals with values such as integrity, accountability, honesty, transparency and so forth. Many talks and seminars are being held by professional institutions and regulators on the issues of corporate governance in recent years. Many individuals and corporations (both private and public) also recognize that corporate professionals have been playing and will continue to play leadership roles in various groups of society.

I believe that a corporation's success will depend not just on one's knowledge, experience and wisdom but also on one's ability to recruit, develop and empower an effective workforce. A corporate leader of today must also demonstrate the value of incorporating ethics into everyday business practice and decision making. One must build and sustain public confidence in the marketplace, thus enhancing its business values in the long run.

To work towards achieving this, I believe in first creating an ethical environment within my organization which encourages people to do the right thing and to understand that such values are vital not only for my organization but also for their personal development. I also believe in finding new initiatives to develop ethical practices and measures to empower the employees in the workplace, thus resulted in sustained productivity and efficiency in the long run. This in turn, will improve and enhance our deliverables and performance to serve our customers better.

I am confident that we will uphold our motto SWIPE, i.e. Serve with Integrity, Professionalism and Efficiency within our organization at all times.

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